Used Ford Inventory For Sale in Dedham, MA

Used Ford Vehicles that Impress

Ford has been around for over a hundred years and has rapidly expanded its fleet of cars at that time.

Today, Ford cars are modern and sleek, having impressive fuel economy and good controls to keep passengers and drivers safe and comfortable. Where you go with your Ford vehicles is up to you, but one this is certain. Used Ford automobiles will work with the same performance as new models, as long as they're purchased from a source that you trust.

Autobahn USA in Dedham, MA encourages you to research the Ford cars and trucks that you like, then follow up by asking questions before testing a potential purchase to see if it suits you. Are you making a trip outside of town? You can do this with us when you're ready to stop by. But in the meantime, have a look at some of the Ford vehicles that you'll find on our premises.

Every Ford automobile here is thoroughly scrutinized before being acquired by us, and we'll let you examine every part of the vehicle before handing the keys over to you. By the time you're done testing and viewing your next Ford vehicle, you'll understand how easy it can be to get a used car.

What's in Our Inventory?

Ford manufactures cars in every size and type that you can think of. One that everyone knows is the Mustang, which we also carry. A used Mustang will age like a fine wine when properly cared for, getting better after a new model's first year of devaluation. The newest used Mustangs contain engines with up to 480 horsepower and 30 miles-per-gallon on the open Canton, MA highway.

But let's not leave out the pickups. The Ford F-150 is in a league of its own, being instantly recognizable over other pickups. When you get a used model produced in the last decade, you'll receive touchscreen controls to get you to your work destination quickly. Picking up heavy cargo in the back of the F-150's flatbed is easy when there's advanced tech at your disposal. Use Bluetooth to link your electronics to the onboard infotainment system, then let others play music as you travel.

Other Ford Vehicles

For the motorists that need something that can move a large family, the Ford Expedition can make a world of difference between a comfortable and cramped ride. Try out the 2019 and 2020 models when you're here. For better feedback, invite your Quincy, MA household with you to check out the back seats for themselves. The Expedition has up to 400 horsepower and trims, including the King Ranch, Platinum 4x4, and the more standardized STX/XLT editions. Between the STX and XLT, there are drivetrains of RWD, AWD, and 4WD.

We haven't forgotten about the smaller car enthusiasts. Ford Focus vehicles built in the last ten years have excellent fuel efficiency and up to 350 horsepower. One trim contains a five-door hatch, the SE edition. You can cruise around Norwood, MA and minimize your trips to the pump since an electric motor partially operates the EcoBoost.

Are Ford Automobiles Safe?

We know how unpredictable Westwood, MA street and highway conditions can be. Many of the latest used Fords have safety features capable of detecting cars coming ahead that cannot be seen and rearview detectors that'll warn you when approaching a nearby object. Airbags will cover all windows, and Pre-Collision Assist can help you avoid accidents before they occur.

Your Used Ford Vehicle is Ready at Autobahn USA

Ford has vehicles that adapt to your driving, not the other way around. Used cars and trucks are no longer a gamble when bought from a reputable establishment. You can find that at Autobahn USA in Dedham, MA with us. We know Ford automobiles, compact and small. Make your way to our location, and our team will guide you to your next vehicle! Be sure to check out our used inventory, apply for financing, value your trade, and learn more about our dealership.

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